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    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    Long Time didnt post liao hor :) hahaha
    Yesterday Night is SADD!!! But i'm not going to say what is happening ... I just want to tell 'her' this - ''Dont sad !! Dont care about him!! And dont cry anymore ! ILY " Today when reach school , go buy MILO and some FOOD lols ~~ Then go 2nd Floor ..-Chat-chat-chat- again :) After that go Parade Square ------then go P.E !hahaha play with Creative :) Ermm i will skip this part ..at class , from playing mastermind onwards , i Dont feel like talking liao :( i also don't know why -like emo-ing lo but I'M NOT! Then my best friend is like keep asking { Why you so angry ??why so sad } URGGS~ I'm not angry lahhhhh not sad also !hahaha Never Mind , after school liao I'm going to canteen [ got volleyball] She come again ... -.-'' why today you so sad .....??? then i replied her : I"M NOT SAD / ANGRY !!! then i walked away but i v.what lorh ... :(
    Erm paisay ~~ I dont feel like typing anymore -.-
    take care

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    Monday, September 7, 2009

    Today,i woke up early in the morning ....is school holiday but still need to go to school ~.~
    When reach school the whole school was quite dark...so after we put our bags down in the canteen, we decided to play catching with the boys..haha..then play play play , play until about 7 something?? then go have breakfast...so tired larh..after that go to second floor a while then come down again ...after a while jiaxin they all go to queue up liao left me so wait for my friends to come. When some of my good friend come liao,we play catching again..after that my teacher come liao then we go queue up lorh..
    i think i will stop here larh..
    takecare ya :D

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    Monday, July 6, 2009

    Today go 'Plaza Pelangi' with Derek....Shannon....Bee En and Jia Xin !!!!! Very fun ley..we go red box then after singing go Popular go buy SWEET ..hehe..then go see something ...then go buy bubble milk tea...haha..WAH...NICE.. :P muackss..then sit on the table chat while drinking after that go out wait for my mum to bring us back shannon and bee en come my house then Derek go back himself ..haha BYE DEREK...!! At my house leh....We all watch TV a while then Bee En go back le..left me Jia Xin and Shannon...we watch 蜡笔小新 then we go to the garden play ..VOLLEYBALL..after a while my bro join in.... :D then play play play ...then use the volleyball play soccer . After that my bro throw the ball then accidentally hit until my FACE...v.pain...haha...of course i got cry a while la...then after that..come into the house wash my hand and leg then laugh again ..hahaha..then go my bro 's room .. then Shannon's dad come already......Say bye bye lorh...erm...i'll end here ya!! bye !!

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    Wednesday, June 3, 2009

    Today i go to my dad's office then after that go KFC..haha.. i ate 1 burger then after that go home ler.....when i reach home my 2nd bro'Yee Tat' and my cousin'Khoo Ee' outside then they said that they wanted to go the japanese restaurant.Then i follow lo ...then eat eat eat my stomach damn big man!Haha...then i walk her and there while they were eating haha..then after that take some picture with khoo ee and yee tat..then after a while my mum call us to stand outside to wait for bee en and jiaxin.....they are coming too! ( They just came back from school )

    So wait outside ....then we sit at the front table . Then also got take some picture...then Jia xin and Bee en come already...So,they go to eat lorh ,then me , Khoo Ee and Yee Tat do other thing lo ...Jiaxin and Bee en eat finish already,My mum Brought me, Yee Tat and Jiaxin to my dad's office ,Bee En go tuition . Then Go to my dad's office until about 6 something!!!Then go home le!!

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    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    Today i go to my mum's friend's house to swim ....swim with her daughter and jia ping yee he...my little bor and sis ...haha...and jiaxin..haha....the water is not very cold lo...then swim swim swim....then jiaxin and the auntie's daughter like playing catching with me ....i didnt say i want to play ....then swim swim swim then the maid go made some bread then we eat while swimming....then after a while ,go bath liao....we bath very slow...because playing inside hahahah. then after bathing ..then haix...dont know how to say....skip this part...sorry ya...then go home liao.
    Go home then go to my room a while then go to my bro room ..then after that eat dinner...haha
    ... then eat some fruit then go sleep le..

    write something here ~~~ (: (:; 5:40 PM